Meet The Spirited Beauty

Sabrina A Marbaugh-Tyler

I'm a loving spirit, wife, mother of five. One son, two daughters, 3 four-legged kiddies: a Pomeranian, Golden Retriever and Siberia Husky. I'm also a glam-ma of three beautiful and adorable grandchildren who love meeting new people and seeking out new adventures. 
A former New York model, who's semi-retired born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Now living in Westlake, Ohio where I do a little acting, manage my small real estate business and work as a life coach.

I do all these things taking care of my beauty family, which I find somewhat challenging but rewarding as I travel my spiritual journey.
I look at the glass as half full, not letting some of life's challenges get the best of me but there are times when I fall short especially when dealing with my family.
One thing about family and friends, you truly learn about unconditional love in a major way. I think that love is what helps me reach that inner peace


What inspires me is the beautiful experiences that I get to enjoy as I travel the path of my life's journey. The people and my experiences help shape the person I am forever forming into today.

My journey hasn't always been a easy one, filled with many challenges. Challenges where I felt like giving up but the spirit within would not let me falter, it kept me strong even when I felt weak.

I still deal with many challenges today but now I have the necessary tools within myself to deal with them.

Encouraged and inspired to continue to grow into the person the created has designed me to be.

"Live in light, be accepting and loving of all, follow your own path and seek the divine spirit within".

And so it is......